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Marine Protected Areas Sustain Communities

You spoke and we listened! A recent survey of our readers indicated that you believe one of the most important things Marine Conservation Institute does is advocate for the protection of ocean places. We recognize that the oceans are important places to protect marine life and we are dedicated to the protection of these special areas.The ocean covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface; yet scarcely 1% of that area is fully protected from harmful human activities such as oil drilling or destructive fishing practices. Marine Conservation Institute is continually working to increase that percentage through the designation of new marine protected areas (MPAs) and the expansion of existing MPAs. Further we are dedicated to making sure these areas are protect like the treasures they are by advocating for strengthened protection of existing MPAs.

MPAs provide benefits beyond the protection of special places and marine life, they provide opportunities for people to learn about nature and they can sustain communities. Below is an excellent video created by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation that shows how MPAs can provide benefits to communities in North America. To watch more videos by the Commision for Environmental Cooperation go here.