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By Cantlen Forni, Marine Conservation Institute Development Intern

Young people are the future and we control how we want to manage and protect our oceans. Being a millennial, I have personally seen the effects of pollution and human carelessness on our ocean. I chose to assist Marine Conservation Institute this summer because they take action to help the ocean. Our work helps to ensure that marine protected areas (MPAs) around the world actually protect our ocean, and we use science to find new solutions to save marine wildlife and educate the public about living in a more ocean-friendly way. It is important to inform young people and create change before it is too late. I know that I do not want to be in the first generation to see a beach made of plastic debris or face massive ocean animal extinction. I donate my time and money to this organization because I have seen firsthand the steps they take to save marine life worldwide and I love promoting their work to young adults like me. It is important to support Marine Conservation Institute because we create solutions for humankind to coexist peacefully with our oceans and marine life.


A Steller sea lion glides through the emerald waters of British Columbia. Photo: GLORES Partner Paul Nicklen


Marine Conservation Institute is a leader in saving wild ocean places, having worked for over 20 years and directly supported the protection of the world’s oceans. This progress is thanks to donors like you! For example, with your support, Marine Conservation Institute created the Marine Protection Atlas (, the most accurate online marine protected area (MPA) database, where you can explore ocean protection around the world. They also launched the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) to help catalyze strong protection for 30% of the global ocean by 2030. From mapping deep-sea coral reefs to advocating for pro-ocean policies, Marine Conservation Institute drives sustainable change for our oceans across its projects.


A humpback whale and calf. Photo: GLORES Partner Susan Bird | Way of the Whale


These projects are only possible through funding and support from our donors and followers worldwide. Each step Marine Conservation Institute takes to protect wild ocean places helps us AND future generations. Our work inspires and drives action to protect diverse marine wildlife and their ecosystems. We turn to fellow ocean advocates for support so that we can have a bigger, better impact for our ocean and improve life on our blue planet for everyone.


An ocean sunfish, or common mola. Photo: GLORES Partner Joe Platko Photography


Whether it is donating time or money to Marine Conservation Institute, there are many ways to support our work for healthy oceans. The world’s come a long way in recognizing serious ocean issues and moving towards substantive measures to protect our ocean. Marine Conservation Institute helped to create this shift, and we’re excited to keep leading the way and inspiring more young people like me. Thank you for supporting our work and healthy oceans!


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