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GLORES Partner Spotlight: Global Ocean Trust

We are thrilled to shine this week’s Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Partner Spotlight on Global Ocean Trust!

Global Ocean Trust (GOT) focuses on finding innovative finance mechanisms for better ocean governance and promotes science-based solutions to ocean issues. GOT works through international partnerships to establish marine protected areas representing diverse ecosystems around the globe. GOT helps to direct efforts to address major ocean challenges such as deoxygenation, acidification and pollution. By identifying effective ocean regenerators and looking for sound financial structures for marine protection, GOT argues that comprehensive ocean stewardship, critical for the health of our planet, is achievable.


Global Ocean Trust members present at the Annual meeting of the Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative meeting.


Global Ocean Trust works in collaboration with partnerships such as the High Seas Alliance, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition and the Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative to ensure that there is a strong and coordinated voice for the ocean in international policy and governance.



By bringing in their financial expertise, GOT promotes robust public and private sector solutions that incorporate the latest in science and technology. These include concepts such as blue natural capital, ocean risk and an ocean finance architecture that can help redirect investment flows into marine sustainability.


Torsten Thiele of GOT presenting innovative ocean finance concepts at the Stockholm Environment Institute.


We asked Global Ocean Trust why they became a GLORES Partner: 

“The Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) delivers science-based recognition for MPAs that support robust conservation outcomes. It is key to the goal of Global Ocean Trust to achieve sound ecosystem-based marine protection that this approach is rolled out globally. We have been delighted to find in the team at GLORES like-minded individuals that are deeply committed to ocean protection.”