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This week, we are excited to shine the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Partner Spotlight on Dr. Ellen Hines, a member of our esteemed GLORES Science Council!

Dr. Hines is the Associate Director and a Professor of Geography at the Estuary & Ocean Research Center at San Francisco State University. She researches the population and community ecology of threatened and endangered marine megafaunal species as related to local conservation efforts and regional scale coastal and marine management science. Her emphasis is on the evolution of consistent standards of field methodology and monitoring techniques, and on the creation of educational materials that can be applied to community-based conservation planning.

Dr Hines hands out stickers about Irawaddy dolphins in an elementary school in Trat province, Thailand.

With students and colleagues, Dr. Hines uses geospatial tools and analysis to create tools for marine spatial planning and risk assessment of bycatch, ship collision and gear entanglement along the California coast and in developing countries in Central America and Southeast Asia.

Dr. Hines with a group after a bycatch reduction workshop in Thailand.


We asked Dr. Hines why she joined the GLORES Science Council:

“The Marine Conservation Institute has been committed to fighting to save our oceans since 1996. I feel honored to be part of their efforts to protect marine ecosystems and support existing protected area efforts around the world.”

Dr. Hines with 12 fellow female scientists from 6 countries on a research cruise for coastal cetaceans in Trat province, Thailand.


To learn more about Dr. Hines, please visit her Estuary & Ocean Science Center profile and Marine & Coastal Conservation and Spatial Planning Lab. Know a blue park that deserves recognition? Share your nominations for GLORES awards by March 31, 2018! 

Feature Photo: Abby Mohan


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