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Greenhouse Ocean May Downsize Fish, Risking One Of World’s Most Productive Fisheries

ScienceDaily (Jan. 14, 2008) — The last fish you ate probably came from the Bering Sea.

But during this century, the sea’s rich food web–stretching from Alaska to Russia–could fray as algae adapt to greenhouse conditions.

“All the fish that ends up in McDonald’s, fish sandwiches–that’s all Bering Sea fish,” said USC marine ecologist Dave Hutchins, whose former student at the University of Delaware, Clinton Hare, led research published Dec. 20 in Marine Ecology Progress Series.

At present, the Bering Sea provides roughly half the fish caught in U.S. waters each year and nearly a third caught worldwide.

“The experiments we did up there definitely suggest that the changing ecosystem may support less of what we’re harvesting–things like pollock and hake,” Hutchins said.

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