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GLORES Partner Spotlight: SEVENSEAS Media

We are thrilled to shine this week’s Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Partner Spotlight on SEVENSEAS Media!

SEVENSEAS Media is a media nonprofit and monthly e-magazine focusing on marine conservation. It is a leading free resource that connects and promotes an international network of scientists, researchers, students, and ocean lovers to news, job opportunities, and adventure. SEVENSEAS Magazine started as a 12-page travel magazine, and quickly evolved into a dynamic and essential monthly resource with 20k subscribers spanning the globe, all by word-of-mouth.


Photo: Giacomo Abrusci, Executive Director of SEVENSEAS Media


SEVENSEAS Media Executive Director Giacomo Abrusci is a conservation biologist with over fourteen years of international work experience. He is a photographer and community organizer with a diverse communications and marketing background. Giacomo has worked in marine biodiversity conservation with Conservation International and in scientific publishing and education at the American Chemical Society. He currently works in communications at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, where he also runs the Global Marine Community.


Schooling Jacks off of Sipadan Island, Borneo, Malaysia. Photo: Giacomo Abrusci


Why did SEVENSEAS Media become a Global Ocean Refuge System partner?

“The mission of SEVENSEAS Media is to connect individuals and resources inside and outside of the conservation community to further the shared goal of preventing habitat destruction and biodiversity loss. Our access to scientists, researchers, donors, and the next generation of ocean protectors compels us to spread the messaging behind the invaluable work of the Global Ocean Refuge System. Safeguarding healthy oceans and marine biodiversity through marine protected areas is the right thing to do, and it is fundamental for human prosperity. It is an honor to partner with GLORES, and we look forward to bringing more of its stories to life in the future.”



We were thrilled to announce the Global Ocean Refuge Award winners at Our Ocean 2018. Today, ten blue parks around the world have earned our Global Ocean Refuge status for outstanding ocean protection.

Feature Image: SEVENSEAS Media magazine issue covers.