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We are thrilled to shine this week’s Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Partner Spotlight on Emrick Studios!

Ted Emrick believes in giving back to his community, recognizing inspiring people and telling powerful stories through his artwork. He has been making art for over 40 years and his studio is located in Baywood Park, just two minutes from the Pacific Ocean in California. This closeness has cultivated in Ted and his daughter Sierra Emrick a shared a love for the wonderful marine environments just a short walk away.


Ted Emrick with pieces of his glass artwork, including custom glass doors.


Ted Emrick currently specializes in multimedia sculptures and glass doors, and he can make art from just about anything. Whether he’s incorporating antique school desks, dolphin vertebrates or modern car parts into his work, Ted always provides viewers with beautiful and intriguing pieces that convey the history of ancient cultures or messages for the future. His studio is filled to the brim with interesting pieces and special moments from a diverse artistic process. According to his daughter Sierra, “It may be a messy studio but every cranny is filled with something unique my dad has found in nature, swap meets, or antique stores… You can even find Gumby! Gumby was, at one time, filmed in our studio. It’s a really special place for art creation and for us.”


Ted Emrick with an award he made for local firefighters in the Baywood Park South Bay Fire Station.


Ted Emrick loves creating works that give back to important causes, or as he puts it, “If you talk the talk you gotta walk the walk.” Emrick Studios has donated close to 100 awards to nonprofits and community organizations that recognize people doing just that, “walking the walk.” He is happy to work with his daughter Sierra on this year’s Global Ocean Refuge Awards, as he believes, “We can all give in our own ways. For me, it’s my art. For my daughter, it’s donating time as a GLORES intern and the awards she made for Marine Conservation Institute.”


We asked Sierra, the artist behind the 2016 Ocean Guardian awards and our GLORES intern, why Emrick Studios became a GLORES Partner:


Sierra Emrick with an award that she made.


“I’m an Environmental Studies major, avid surfer and ocean lover; I know the importance of the ocean and its power in regards to environmental health and our own physical and mental health. That’s why my dad and I are such supporters of the marine conservation work that Marine Conservation Institute is doing through their Global Ocean Refuge System initiative. The countless hours we have logged surfing and playing in the ocean makes the beach a truly sacred place for the two of us and our relationship. We want the ocean to be healthy for human generations and ocean creatures to come, so that’s why Emrick Studios is proud and honored to partner with GLORES.”


How are Sierra and Ted making the 2018 Global Ocean Refuge awards?

The 2018 GLORES awards were a labor of love born from one of Ted Emrick’s custom-made kilns. When these giant ovens reach 1500° Fahrenheit, the glass takes the shape of the handcrafted mold it rests on. The 2018 GLORES awards are imprinted with sea creatures like starfish, seahorses and a variety of shells. To get the award’s seaweed spiral, the father-daughter team open the kiln and twist the glass while it’s still hot and soft!

Once out of the kiln, the pieces are cut, sanded and then plated onto glass bases. To see this process, check out their new video!


The 2018 GLORES Award, by Emrick Studios.


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