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Explore California’s Seamounts Using Our Interactive Story Map

By Samuel Georgian, Marine Biogeographer at Marine Conservation Institute

We invite you to take a trip with us to the unusual, deep underwater mountains off California’s coasts called seamounts.  You will tour the California Seamounts, as they are called, using a Story Map (from Esri) that allows viewers to take a virtual, interactive look at a few of these magnificent seamounts and the spectacular marine life they shelter. Seamounts are massive underwater volcanoes with a unique biology and geology that makes them impressive marine environments. In the Story Map, you will find stunning video and images from the deep seafloor, interactive maps displaying the distribution and conservation status of the California seamounts, and descriptions of several recent deep-sea expeditions to these beautiful and remote habitats. After seeing these remarkable places, we hope you will agree with us that protecting the California Seamounts from destructive activities is an important marine conservation objective to achieve over the next few years.

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