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Blue in Green

Dec 10th 2007

It’s time to put greens in their place

EVERY day the world we live in seems to get a little greener. There are green politics, green economics, green living and, well, Green.view. The colour is used as a synonym for environmentalism.

This is bad. Whilst chlorophyll is, without doubt, hugely significant to life on this planet, the anthropocentric, terrestrialist view of the world that dubs those that care as “green” needs to be challenged.

Simply because those who would save the planet have feet and not flippers, and breathe air rather than water, they’ve called themselves greens rather than blues. Yet Earth is mostly water. As any schoolchild can tell you, the planet is blue. When did you last hear of the Earth from space described as the “Green marble”? Never, that’s when.

Such terrestrialism has had serious consequences. We’ve spent decades following a green agenda that has ignored some of the biggest environmental issues and most important places on the planet.

We’ve spent years listening to greens complaining about the loss of the rainforests, acid rain, and extinctions of mammals, birds and plants. All serious issues. But while we’ve been worrying about them, we have eaten 90% of the world’s large fish, destroyed much of the world’s coral and nurtured algal blooms the size of entire American states.

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