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Visualizing Marine Protected Areas

Recent updates to MPAtlas make finding the status of your favorite marine protected areas easy. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are simple yet highly effective marine management tools that offer some of the highest marine conservation gains.  MPAtlas, the world’s most comprehensive online marine protected area database, is dedicated to providing a user friendly and informative…

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Are Wealthy Countries Failing to Protect the Oceans?

In conservation, it is often said that those countries with larger financial resources should be better stewards of the environment than those whose money is spread more thinly. To investigate how well countries are protecting our oceans, we created SeaStates G20 2014. We wanted to know how the countries with the world’s twenty largest economies…

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Gulf Gems Still Shining – But What Does the Future Hold?

When the Deepwater Horizon disaster occurred in 2010, the fragility of the Gulf of Mexico was thrust into the limelight. Instead of the usual happy images of families on vacation, fishermen on the water, and glowing sunsets, the public experienced a five-month-long flood of oiled beaches, dead and dying animals, and small towns in economic…

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