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Marine Conservation Institute Announces Key Partnership with the Edges of Earth Expedition Team to Expand the Nonprofit’s Globally-Recognized Blue Parks Initiative

The Edges of Earth ambassadors will explore Marine Conservation Institute’s keystone marine protected areas in the Blue Parks Network to chronicle the ocean conservation success stories in key regions—above and below water.

[New York, 6 March 2024]

Today, Marine Conservation Institute, a leading non-profit organization committed to ocean conservation, proudly announces their collaboration with the women-led dive team spearheading Edges of Earth; a 2-year expedition traveling to the planet’s most remote and interesting locations, telling positive progress stories about people on the frontlines of ocean conservation and the habitats, marine life and communities they work tirelessly to save.

Traveling to various marine protected areas (MPAs) around the global ocean, the Edges of Earth ambassadors will highlight positive and impactful on-the-ground partner stories from Marine Conservation Institute’s Blue Parks network that reach the next generation by sharing solutions and ways to directly get involved.

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As a catalyst for the partnership, the Edges of Earth team will share stories from California’s awarded Blue Park, the Northern Channel Islands MPAs (National Park, National Marine Sanctuary, and California State Marine Reserves) from March 6 -12, 2024 and will emphasize Blue Parks’ aim to unite the ocean’s best protected places and the people who champion them in a strategic network to save life in the sea.

The Edges of Earth team will work with Marine Conservation Institute to highlight the people who are responsible for establishing and maintaining the successful MPAs that have earned Blue Parks Awards by meeting science-based conservation standards. As professional scuba divers, the ambassador team will also document the flourishing marine life below water at each Blue Park, highlighting what the Blue Park managers are safeguarding everyday.

"Planning a two-year global expedition involves significant preparation, with a key focus on partnering region by region with organizations actively enhancing ocean connectivity,” said Andi Cross, Edges of Earth Expedition Lead. “Upon encountering the Marine Conservation Institute team, the synergy was unmistakable. Their rigorously selected network offers us the unique opportunity to amplify stories from the field about MPAs that are making a real impact. Our goal is to assist the Blue Parks initiative in showcasing the critical role of MPAs and the interconnected Blue Parks system, highlighting their significance in ocean conservation."

The Edges of Earth team will be venturing to the following locations in partnership with Marine Conservation Institute:

The Edges of Earth team has developed a powerful platform for telling ocean conservation stories through their experiences above and below water, and we are thrilled to tell Blue Parks stories in partnership with them,” said Sarah Hameed, Blue Parks Director at Marine Conservation Institute. “The Blue Park standard provides guidance for revitalizing ecosystems, and the Blue Parks success stories inspire new conservation efforts – these stories will contribute to safeguarding life in the sea.”

This partnership between Edges of Earth and the Marine Conservation Institute will amplify their shared mission and pledge to connect with and give prominence to the local communities safeguarding marine ecosystems around the world and protecting Earth’s biggest life support system essential for survival.

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About Marine Conservation Institute


Marine Conservation Institute, founded in 1996, works in the U.S. and globally to seek strong protection for at least 30% of the ocean by 2030, for us and future generations. Our focus on protecting the ocean’s most important places follows several lines of work: identifying and advocating for strong marine protected areas; improving laws and other tools to better conserve marine biodiversity; catalyzing effective conservation by recognizing and elevating the best marine protected areas as Blue Parks; and accurately reporting on global conservation efforts with our Marine Protection Atlas (

Blue Park Awards were established by Marine Conservation Institute to encourage high quality marine protected areas (MPAs) that safeguard marine wildlife, secure critical habitats, promote resilience, and ensure the inspiring beauty of our oceans for future generations. The Blue Parks initiative aims to assemble an effective network of protected areas that sustains marine life and ecosystems globally. In addition to awarding new Blue Parks, Marine Conservation Institute has launched collaborations with local MPA champions in countries around the world to support their conservation efforts – these are called Blue Sparks projects. The Blue Parks initiative is endorsed by the United Nations Ocean Decade.

About Edges of Earth

The woman-led Edges of Earth expedition team is venturing to remote and interesting corners of the world to share untold stories of ocean stewardship and community resilience. Composed of seasoned corporate professionals, new explorers, and skilled scuba divers, they excel in forging connections and sharing positive progress stories across their media platform.

Throughout their careers, they’ve encountered unsung champions tackling the ocean crisis head-on. With their self-funded production studio, they create raw, heart-driven content focused on ocean solutions, personal growth, and actionable steps for those following along.

Driven by passion, they explore unexpected dive sites, collaborate with remarkable ocean experts, and focus on what’s working to inform paths forward on the enterprise, policy and individual levels. As a multifaceted crew of strategists, writers, and content creators, they amplify impactful stories through their wide-reaching media channels and partnerships.