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Meet the 2024 Blue Park Award nominees...

and tell us what you think!


Blue Park Awards recognize outstanding marine protected areas (MPAs) that are safeguarding life in the sea.

Nominees for the award go through a rigorous assessment using Blue Parks science-based criteria. They are the MPAs that are in the right places, with the right rules, and the right management to effectively protect marine wildlife.
We are thrilled to announce the 2024 Blue Park Award nominees:

Gitdisdzu Lugyeks Marine Protected Area, Kitasoo/Xai’xais Nation

Located in the heart of the Kitasoo Xai’xais Territory on the Central Coast of British Columbia, Gitdisdzu Lugyeks (Kitasu Bay) Marine Protected Area was established as an Indigenous-led MPA with the intent to protect, manage, and enhance the marine resources which are integral to Kitasoo Xai’xais culture and way of life. Gitdisdzu Lugyeks MPA protects several marine ecosystems, including eelgrass meadows and kelp forests, which form one of the most important spawning areas for Pacific herring along the British Columbian coast and provide nursery and feeding grounds other fish, top predators, and several threatened and endangered species.

photo: Tavish Campbell

Tristan da Cunha Marine Protection Zone

Identified as an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, the Tristan da Cunha archipelago is made up of four islands located in the South Atlantic. Due to its isolation, Tristan da Cunha is a distinct marine ecoregion characterized by seamounts and volcanic ridges. The Tristan da Cunha Exclusive Economic Zone is unique in that it is a large no-take zone with low levels of human disturbance, allowing this temperate marine ecosystem to thrive.

photo: Paul Tyler & Alison Rothwell

Siete Pecados Marine Park, the Philippines

Located in the biodiverse Coral Triangle, Siete Pecados Marine Park is part of the Calamianes Island Network in the Philippines. Proximity to other nearby MPAs allows for ecological connectivity across important marine habitats such as coral reefs, mangrove forests and seagrass meadows. The MPA was established with support from community members of the Barangay Tagumpay village in the hopes of protecting the health of this important ecosystem while also enhancing the livelihood of the villagers.

photo: Firth M.

Ascension Island Marine Protected Area, UK

The Ascension Island Marine Protected Area, situated in the heart of the South Atlantic, is one of the world’s largest MPAs, spanning an impressive 445,000 km2. This small volcanic island is the largest nesting site for endangered green turtles in the South Atlantic and one of the most important warm-water sea bird breeding stations in the world. Its remote location has led to relatively undisturbed waters around the island. Looking ahead, the MPA is poised to serve as a global science hub focused on the study of deep ocean ecosystems, global processes in the absence of land-based pressures, and the effectiveness of oceanic MPAs.

photo: Chico Venancio

All four of the 2024 Blue Park nominees have demonstrated evidence of meeting the Blue Park criteria, but we need your help to complete this stage of the evaluation. We have published our draft evaluation reports for each of the nominees on our website for you to review. You can provide invaluable feedback on these Blue Park nominees through the linked comment forms.

Know any of these nominees? We would love your input!

The public comment period will remain open until 6 January 2024 – please help us evaluate the nominees today! Additionally, we are always looking for new Blue Park nominations, so if you know an MPA that should receive a Blue Park Award, tell us about it!

When the 2024 Blue Park Awards are announced, the new Blue Parks will join an international network of outstanding marine protected areas, uniting these special places and the people who care about them. Blue Parks inspire ocean optimism and build conservation momentum as we work to secure 30% of the ocean for nature. You can learn more about the Blue Parks initiative and get to know the 27 awarded Blue Parks by visiting