Celebrating Our Blue Planet: Ocean Photo Contest

As we celebrate our planet, unique in the known universe for harboring beautiful and diverse life, we’re reminded that the ocean makes it possible for all of us to share Spaceship Earth with the astounding flora and fauna that also call our planet home.

Submit Your Ocean Photo

Deadline: May 22   |   Winners published on World Ocean Day, June 8, 2020

To celebrate the crucial role that the ocean, and ocean life plays in all of our lives, we’re launching an Ocean Photo Contest to highlight our connections to the ocean! Prizes will go out to the final three.

  • $100 Sand Cloud gift card for the winner
  • $50 Sand Cloud gift card for the runner-up
  • Sand Cloud water bottle for third place


  • Images must either be taken in the ocean, or include the ocean within their composition,
  • Submissions must include a brief (less than 150 word) description of the story behind the im-age—ideally a story that illustrates how that moment strengthened your connection to the sea.


  • Images (preferably higher resolutions) should be submitted by the photographer via email to Madeleine.Serkissian@marine-conservation.org by May 22nd.
  • Our staff will screen submissions for appropriateness and meeting submission criteria.
  • We will select 10 semi-finalists by June 1st.
  • A final vote to select winners from the semi-finalists will be held among our Instagram and Facebook users between June 1st and June 7th.
  • Winners will be announced on World Ocean Day, June 8th.

We’re excited to see and share your pictures that highlight our ocean, so essential to Earth’s fabric of life, and hear the stories that have brought you closer to the blue heart of our planet.