We Will Be There!


We Were There!

Marine Conservation Institute's Summer Ocean Party!
July 23, 2018 in Lagunitas Brewing Company Petaluma Taproom and Beer Sanctuary
Our Summer Ocean Party showcased new media from our deep-sea expedition with MARE in the Channel Islands.

The International Marine Conservation Congress 2018 (IMCC5) 
June 2018―Kuching, Malaysia
Board Chair Dr. David Johns and President Dr. Lance Morgan will be in attendance, with Dr. Johns co-leading in the Mapping Priority Areas for Marine Conservation Session at 12:00pm on Monday, June 25, 2018.

The Goldman Environmental Prize 
April 23, 2018―San Francisco, California
President Dr. Lance Morgan, Senior Scientist Dr. Sarah Hameed, and Development Director Carolina Dratva attended the award ceremony.

MPA Standards Workshop 
April 16-17, 2018―Washington, D.C.
President Lance Morgan, Conservation Scientist Beth Pike, and Conservation Analyst Russell Moffitt attended the workshop. 

Ocean SOS San Francisco - An Ocean Tech Summit 2018 
April 5, 2018―San Franciso, CA
President Lance Morgan and Board Member Nathalie Udo attended. 

Rising Tide Summit 
March 28-29, 2018―Los Angeles, CA
Board Member Nathalie Udo attended. 

The Economist World Ocean Summit
March 7-9, 2018―Cancún-Playa del Carmen, Mexico
President Dr. Lance Morgan and GLORES Ambassadors Sebastian Nicholls and Frederick Smith attended.

5th Global Wave Conference
March 4-7, 2018―Santa Cruz, CA
GLORES Director Dr. Sarah Hameed presented on the importance of effective ocean protection and the Global Ocean Refuge System.

2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting
February 11-16, 2018―Portland, OR
Marine Biogeographer Dr. Samuel Georgian presented on his deep-sea habitat modeling. 

IUCN Protected Areas Meeting
January 29 - February 1, 2018―Washington, D.C.
President Dr. Lance Morgan presented on the need for better MPA standards and stronger ocean protection.

Current Developments on U.S. Fisheries Policy
January 25, 2018―Environmental Law Institute Webinar
Director of Policy and Legislation Mke Gravitz presented on marine habitat conservation in the U.S.

Our Ocean
October 5-6, 2017―Malta
Director of Development Carolina Dratva and GLORES Ambassador Sebastian Nicholls attended.

September 4-8, 2017―Coquimbo, Chile   
President Lance Morgan, Board of Director's Chair David Johns, Beth Pike, and Russell Moffitt were in attendance.

Capitol Hill Ocean Week
June 13-9, 2017―Washington, D.C.
Mike Gravitz and the D.C Team were in attendance.

The Ocean Conference
June 5-9, 2017―United Nations, New York
Vienna Saccomanno was in attendance.

Blue Vision Summit
May 9-11, 2017―Washington, D.C.
President Lance Morgan and Mike Gravitz were in attendance.

March for Science
April 22, 2017―various cities
Select members of our dedicated staff were in attendance.

UN Prepatory Committee Meeting
February 15-16, 2017―New York
President Lance Morgan was in attendance.

ESRI Ocean GIS Forum
November 1-3, 2016―California   
Beth Pike and Russell Moffitt were in attendance.

North Pacific Marine Science Organization 2016 Annual Meeting (PICES)
November 1-13, 2016―San Diego   
Dr. Sam Georgian was in attendance. 

Marine Conservation Institute's 20th Anniversary
November 4th, 2016―San Francisco
Marine Conservation Institute's staff and board of directors were in attendance.

Our Ocean Conferences
September 15-16, 2016―Washington, D.C.   
President Lance Morgan and Director of Policy & Legislation Mike Gravitz were in attendance.

IUCN World Conservation Congress
September 1-10, 2016―Hawai'i   
President Lance Morgan was in attendance. 

United Nations General Assembly resolution 69/292 Preparatory Committee
August 26-September 9, 2016―New York   
President Lance Morgan was in attendance.    

SCB Marine's 2016 International Marine Conservation Congress
July 30-August 03, 2016 ―St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador (YYT), CA  
President Lance Morgan and staff scientists hosted a full-day focus group on the Global Ocean Refuge System, presented on as a tool for tracking meaningful marine protection and co-hosted a symposium on marine conservation in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

Our Changing Oceans
May 14, 2016―Tiburon, California
President Lance Morgan was a guest speaker at this event.  

2015 Esri User Conference with Esri's software developers, technical and training staff and customer service teams
July 20-24, 2015 ― San Diego, CA   
Scientist Beth Pike presented and its role in supporting the Global Ocean Refuge System initiative

2015 George Wright Society Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites
March 29-April 3, 2015 ― Oakland, CA   
President Lance Morgan and staff scientist Russ Moffitt exhibited and shared how we track global progress in marine protected areas as part of the Global Ocean Refuge System

2015 Memorial University of Newfoundland GLORES Workshop
March 12-13, 2015 ― St. John, Canada   
President Lance Morgan visited Memorial University to present our progress and host a Global Ocean Refuge System workshop

2015 Oceans Symposium at United Nations
March 5, 2015 ― New York City   
President Lance Morgan was a featured presenter at the United Nations to discuss the progress of marine protected areas efforts around the world

2014 Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation Annual Meeting
November 6-10, 2014 ― Sausalito, CA   
Chief Scientist Elliott Norse and President Lance Morgan hosted a roundtable on GLORES

10th World Parks Congress
November 12-19, 2014—Sydney, Australia
President Lance Morgan and marine scientist Russ Moffitt attended

Our Ocean Meeting  
September 25, 2014 ― New York, New York
President Lance Morgan attended this meeting where John Kerry announced that President Obama will expand the Pacific Remote Marine National Monument to 490,000 square miles 

International Marine Conservation Congress
August 14-18, 2014 ― Glasgow, Scotland
President Lance Morgan and Chief Scientist Elliott Norse hosted a workshop on the GLORES criteria.  Elliott was also a plenary speaker and discussed GLORES

Esri User Conference
July 14-18, 2014—San Diego, CA
President Lance Morgan and Russ Moffitt of the MPAtlas team attended

Capitol Hill Ocean Week
June 10-12, 2013—Washington DC
Director of Policy and Legislation Mike Gravitz and Policy Analyst Katelin Shugart-Schmidt attended

State of the Gulf of Mexico Summit 2014
March 24-27, 2014—Houston, Texas 
Policy Analyst Katelin Shugart-Schmidt attended

University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
Sea Secrets Lecture March 19, 2014—Miami, FL
Chief Scientist Elliott Norse presented on GLORES

GLORES Webinar hosted by NOAA MPA center, Open Channels, and EBM tools Network
March 13, 2014
President Lance Morgan presented on GLORES

Policy Forum, The Urban Ocean
March 12, 2014—Washington DC
Policy Analyst Katelin Shugart-Schmidt attended

Congressional Testimony on Magnuson-Stevens Act Reauthorization
January 30, 2014—Washington DC
Director of Policy and Legislation Mike Gravitz testified to US Senate, Policy Analyst Katelin Shugart-Schmidt attended 

Aspen Institute Ocean Community Strategy Roundtable
December 9-12, 2013—Wye River, MD
President Lance Morgan attended 

“Future Proofing New Zealand’s Shellfish Aquaculture: monitoring and adaptation to ocean acidification” workshop
December 3-4, 2013—Nelson, New Zealand
Marine Biogeographer John Guinotte facilitated workshop

International Marine Protected Areas Congress
October 21-27, 2013—Marseille, France
President Lance Morgan presented on GLORES and Chief Scientist Elliott Norse attended

Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation Annual Meeting
October 16-21, 2013—Malahide, Ireland 
Chief Scientist Elliott Norse attended

Science Online: Oceans Conference
October 11-13, 2014—Miami, FL
Conservation Scientist Beth Pike on Opening Panel

Argentina Oceanic MPA Workshop
September 23-29, 2013—Buenos Aires, Argentina 
President Lance Morgan presented

International Congress for Conservation Biology
July 21-25, 2013—Baltimore, MD
Chief Scientist Elliott Norse presented

Central American Dome workshop with MarViva, Mission Blue, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, and IUCN
July 12, 2013—Panama City, Panama
President Lance Morgan presented

Summer Meeting of the Crustacean Society
July 7-11, 2013—San Jose, Costa Rica 
Chief Scientist Elliott Norse gave keynote speech

Capitol Hill Ocean Week
June 4-6, 2013—Washington DC
Director of Policy and Legislation Mike Gravitz and Policy Analyst Katelin Shugart-Schmidt attended

EU-US Conference on Sustainable Oceans, Drager Foundation
June 2-5, 2013—Cascais, Portugal
Chief Scientist Elliott Norse attended

Blue Vision Summit
May 13-16, 2013—Washington DC
Director of Policy and Legislation Mike Gravitz attended 

Stanford Law School Symposium: Emerging Perspectives on the Law, Science, and Policy of Dynamic Marine Conservation  
May 10-11, 2013—Stanford, CA
President Lance Morgan attended