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Blog February 19, 2019
Calling for Greater Leadership from G20 Countries for Strong and Lasting Protection of World’s Oceans

Download the Report: SeaStates G20 2018 Executive Summary SeaStates G20 2018 Full Report More details ... » read more

Blog January 22, 2019
Rose Atoll Abides

Ten years ago this month in January 2009, President George W. Bush designated a small ... » read more

Blog December 26, 2018
How Marine Protected Areas are Safeguarding Our Ocean’s Vulnerable Top Predators

By GLORES Science Intern, Abbie Dosell Sharks are an essential part of marine ecosystems, asserting ... » read more

Blog December 5, 2018
Denizens of the Deep: The Octopuses Who Make Their Homes on Seamounts

Featured Pic: A giant Pacific octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) observed on Cordell Bank during a Marine ... » read more

Blog November 30, 2018
Global Biodiversity Protection

  By Abbie Dosell,  Marine Conservation Institute GLORES Science Intern   Some of the world’s most ... » read more

Recent News Releases

News Release October 29, 2018
Marine Conservation Institute Awards Seven Blue Parks Global Ocean Refuge Status for the Most Effective Conservation of Marine Life

[Bali, Indonesia]  Today at the 2018 Our Ocean Conference, where representatives from about one hundred ... » read more

News Release December 5, 2017
President Trump Attacks Two National Monuments in Utah; Protection for Critical Ocean Ecosystems Could Be Next on the Chopping Block

Washington, D.C. — Lance Morgan, President of Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in securing strong ... » read more

News Release October 25, 2017
President Trump to Decide Fate of Marine Monuments and Sanctuaries After Secretive Review

Washington, D.C. — Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in securing strong protection for the oceans ... » read more

News Release September 5, 2017
Isla Malpelo reconocida como una de las mejores áreas marinas protegidas del mundo

Washington, D.C. — Marine Conservation Institute o Instituto de Conservación Marina, uno de los líderes ... » read more

News Release September 5, 2017
Announcing the First Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Awards for Superlative Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Around the World

Washington, D.C. — Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in securing protection for the oceans’ most ... » read more