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Blog January 18, 2017
The Ocean Protection Calculator

Here at we often get asked how much of the ocean would be ... » read more

Blog January 11, 2017
Establishing a MPA is Sometimes More Than Just a Family (National) Affair

In an effort to achieve the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN ... » read more

Blog December 28, 2016
Top 6 Ocean Highlights of 2016

Over one million square miles of global ocean were protected in 2016! Here are our ... » read more

Blog December 16, 2016
A Tale of Two Cold-Water Coral Reefs

Human industrial and agricultural activity has released massive quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) into our ... » read more

Blog December 15, 2016
Celebrating the Frank R. Lautenberg Deep Sea Coral Protection Area!

This week we celebrate habitat protections for deep-sea corals along the Atlantic coastline, named in ... » read more

Recent News Releases

News Release December 8, 2016
United Nations General Assembly Calls on High Seas Fishing Nations to Redouble Their Efforts to Protect Deep-Sea Biodiversity

New York – The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution yesterday calling on countries to ... » read more

News Release December 5, 2016
Marine Conservation Institute Applauds U.S. Progress Towards International Marine Conservation Targets Under the Leadership of President Barack Obama

Seattle, WA—In a report released today, Marine Conservation Institute highlights that the U.S ... » read more

News Release October 28, 2016
Marine Conservation Institute Applauds International Cooperation to Protect the Healthiest Marine Ecosystem on Earth

For Immediate Release Seattle, WA—Marine Conservation Institute applauds the Commission for the Conservation of ... » read more

News Release October 6, 2016
Marine Conservation Institute Announces Burgess Raby Has Joined Its Board of Directors

Seattle, WA (October 6, 2016) — Marine Conservation Institute announced that Burgess Raby has joined its ... » read more

News Release September 16, 2016
Marine Conservation Institute Announces Commitment at Our Oceans 2016 Conference for Global Ocean Refuge System’s Initial MPA Status Awards

Washington DC— Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in securing strong protection for the oceans’ most ... » read more