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Blog April 18, 2019
Gumdrop and Pioneer Seamounts – Offshore Seabird Havens

Featured Pic: A breeding rhinoceros auklet (Cerorhinca monocerata), one of the many seabird species that ... » read more

Blog April 16, 2019
Global Ocean Refuge Partner Spotlight: Linking Tourism & Conservation

This Global Ocean Refuge System Partner Spotlight Features Linking Tourism & Conservation!   Linking Tourism & ... » read more

Blog April 9, 2019
Cortes and Tanner Banks: Recreation and Biodiversity Hotspots

Featured Pic: Brown stony corals (Coenocyathus bowersi, foreground) and pink hydrocorals (Stylaster californicus, background) provide ... » read more

Blog April 8, 2019
Gorda and Mendocino Ridges – California’s Test Cases for Deep-Sea Mining

Featured Pic: A diverse assemblage of benthic organisms on a sponge garden at Mendocino Ridge ... » read more

Blog March 25, 2019
Davidson Seamount: A Deep-Sea Oasis

Featured Pic: Yellow Picasso sponge and white sponges on Davidson Seamount. Image courtesy of NOAA ... » read more

Recent News Releases

News Release October 29, 2018
Marine Conservation Institute Awards Seven Blue Parks Global Ocean Refuge Status for the Most Effective Conservation of Marine Life

[Bali, Indonesia]  Today at the 2018 Our Ocean Conference, where representatives from about one hundred ... » read more

News Release December 5, 2017
President Trump Attacks Two National Monuments in Utah; Protection for Critical Ocean Ecosystems Could Be Next on the Chopping Block

Washington, D.C. — Lance Morgan, President of Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in securing strong ... » read more

News Release October 25, 2017
President Trump to Decide Fate of Marine Monuments and Sanctuaries After Secretive Review

Washington, D.C. — Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in securing strong protection for the oceans ... » read more

News Release September 5, 2017
Isla Malpelo reconocida como una de las mejores áreas marinas protegidas del mundo

Washington, D.C. — Marine Conservation Institute o Instituto de Conservación Marina, uno de los líderes ... » read more

News Release September 5, 2017
Announcing the First Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Awards for Superlative Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Around the World

Washington, D.C. — Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in securing protection for the oceans’ most ... » read more