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MPAtlas Data Download

Photo: Paul Nicklen

MPAtlas Data Download

MPAtlas data is open-access and freely downloadable to ensure that our information can be readily utilized for research, policy, management, and other conservation decision-making.

The Marine Protection Atlas (MPAtlas) team is proud to share a our new MPAtlas dataset!

This newly updated MPAtlas database builds upon the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) by supplementing its self-reported data with standardized, science-based assessments that categorize marine protected areas (MPAs) based on the impact of direct human activity and likelihood of delivering the desired conservation benefits. Specifically, following the publication of The MPA Guide: A Framework to Achieve Global Goals for the Ocean in September 2021, we have been working with colleagues to assess targeted sets of MPAs against the peer-reviewed framework and build a database of assessment results. The database is continually growing, and our team will publish MPA assessment data as it becomes available.

In the Spring of 2024, we anticipate the publication of an analysis of the largest 100 marine protected areas reported towards global targets. These MPAs account for nearly 90% of reported MPA area and will contribute greatly to building a robust dataset. We have shared the results of this analysis, and other local, regional and national level analysis on the MPAtlas website to better track fully and highly protected areas and how much more ocean will need to be protected to fulfill the promises of global agreements to conserve biodiversity in the world's oceans.

The data is available as either and geodatabase (.gdb) or spreadsheet (.csv). Please note which version you are requesting in the form.

Note: The dataset does not contain boundaries for all global MPAs, only those assessed. If you are in need of the entire global MPA data with boundaries, you can still download them from the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) website.

If you have any questions, please email us at We'd love to hear from scientists interested in raising funding for projects that include applying The MPA Guide framework to your MPA dataset of choice.

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Our data is intended for non-commercial use. We may share it for limited and specific commercial purposes upon request. Please email us at for commercial requests.

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