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  • The US imports $2 billion in IUU seafood annually!
  • IUU fishing threatens the livelihoods of legal fishermen around the world and in the US.
  • H.R. 69 and S. 269 will help the US fight IUU fishing.
  • IUU fishing is in the news all of the time! Check out the list of articles below!
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Last week the issue of illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing, or pirate fishing as it is sometimes known, hit close to home. Last Monday the US Coast Guard responded to a sighting of three Mexican fishing boats fishing illegally in the US exclusive economic zone (EEZ) off of Texas. The prompt response of the Coast Guard allowed them to rescue one endangered sea turtle and five sharks that were entangled in the illegal fishing nets but were still alive. Unfortunately the Coast Guard was not quick enough to catch the fast moving Mexican boats which got away over the international border only one mile away. Incidents like this one are occurring more and more frequently not only in the Gulf of Mexico but all over the world (see selected list of recent IUU incidents reported in the press listed below).

Congress has an opportunity to help protect the US from IUU fishing and from importing IUU seafood that has been caught all over the world. An estimated 20% of US seafood imports are thought to be illegal, amounting to approximately $2 billion per year in IUU imports. Senator Rockefeller and Delegate Bordallo have introduced similar bills that address IUU fishing and imports (S. 269 and H.R. 69 respectively). These bills make it easier for the Coast Guard to enforce IUU fishing on the high seas, in other country's waters, and on occasions like this where foreign vessels are caught fishing in the US EEZ by streamlining existing laws and penalties. The bills also allow the US to take action against vessels that are identified as having participated in IUU fishing anywhere in the world, an important improvement over the current legal framework.

Marine Conservation Institute shares the following article from The Examiner about the US Coast Guard fighting IUU fishing off of Texas last week as well as a sampling of recent articles about IUU fishing incidents.

Coast Guard Stops Illegal Fishing: Sea Turtle and Five Sharks Released
May 14, 2013, by Sonia Lavina in The Eaminer


USCG Special Purpose craft that responded to illegal fishing. 

Source: Adam Eggers, Law Enforcement Officer


An endangered sea turtle and five sharks were released to the Gulf of Mexico late Sunday after the U.S. Coast Guard spotted Mexicans fishing illegally in U.S. waters, about a mile north of the U.S. and Mexico border reported the Valley Morning Star on May 13.


Fishing boats known as lanchas were spotted by a Coast Guard air crew aboard an HU-25 Falcon jet, during a patrol of the border.

Coast Guard Station South Padre Island dispatched a boatcrew at about 6:30 p.m. aboard a 33-foot Law Enforcement Special Purpose Craft to the last known position of the lanchas, a mile offshore. The station's boatcrew recovered the illegal fishing gear and was able to safely release an endangered sea turtle and five sharks back into the wild.


"Due to the quick response of Station South Padre Island's crew, five sharks and a sea turtle that were found in vessel's long-line gear were released back into the ocean alive," Cmdr. Daniel Deptula, the response department head at Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi, said. "This is a particularly significant case because we were able to save one of our endangered species and highlights the significant threat to the living marine resources of South Texas."


The three lanchas previously spotted were not found when boat crews arrived.


Illegal fishing by Mexican nationals in the Gulf of Mexico region, along the U.S. and Mexico border, continues to be a prevalent and complex issue. Gill netting and over fishing have depleted Mexican fisheries, resulting in increased illegal fishing in U.S. waters, Deptula said.


"And though these particular lanchas were found illegally fishing, these vessels are also known to smuggle illicit narcotics and people into the United States," he added.


So far this year, Sector Corpus Christi and its units have seized 11 lanchas and more than 13 miles of fishing gear. Additionally, 513 fish and 86 sharks have been seized, and one live sea turtle has been returned to the sea.



To view the original article on the Examiner website go here. 



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