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Monk seal on fishing nets
Hawaiian monk seals are one of the world's most endangered marine mammals.
What if I told you that the United States has sole responsibility for the recovery of a severely endangered marine mammal, but funding to recover that animal has been slashed in recent years? What if I told you that this marine mammal resides only in Hawai`i? That marine mammal is the Hawaiian monk seal, the state's marine mammal.  With fewer than 1,100 Hawaiian monk seals left in the world, they need your help.


The scientists and managers at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are responsible for recovering the Hawaiian monk seal.  Thirty percent of the seals still alive today have benefited directly from actions by NOAA scientists and partners. These include rescuing entangled seals from fishing nets, removing hooks, providing veterinary care for injured or sick seals and other recovery actions. Today, a growing population of seals in the main Hawaiian Islands gives us hope for the future. However, Congress plans to cut all federal programs over the next ten years. Without this support the seal's recovery will likely suffer.


The Hawai`i Delegation in Washington DC needs to hear from you in support of restoring funding for the recovery of the Hawaiian monk seal! Please sign our petition today!


Every voice in support of the monk seal carries great weight with your representatives. Marine Conservation Institute is seeking 1,000 signatures, so please share this email with your friends in Hawai`i. Staff of the Marine Conservation Institute will hand-deliver this message with your signatures to Senator Hirono, Senator Schatz, Representative Hanabusa and Representative Gabbard at their Washington DC congressional offices.


Don't delay and show your support for the Hawaiian monk seal today!



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Lance E. Morgan, Ph.D.
President and CEO