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Lance Morgan
Lance Morgan, Marine Conservation Institute President and CEO

The Board of Directors of Marine Conservation Institute is pleased to announce that it has elected Dr. Lance E. Morgan as the organization's new President and Chief Executive Officer.   


Dr. Morgan, who lives and works in Sonoma County, California, is a marine ecologist who has worked for 25 years to study and conserve marine mammals, invertebrates, fishes, seabirds and the places where they live. He joined the Marine Conservation Institute in May 2000 as a Postdoctoral Fellow. He then became Staff Scientist, Vice President for Science, and, now, President and Chief Executive Officer.


"Lance Morgan is a really impressive scientist," said Professor Daniel Pauly of the University of British Columbia Fisheries Science Centre, the world's leading authority on global fisheries. "But Lance is more than that: He is one of those very rare people who understands how marine science shapes marine policy, in North America and around the world."  


Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and the world's best-known and most-loved marine conservationist, said, "All who care about the oceans should be celebrating today. The dolphins that frolic in the waves, the corals dwelling in the black depths and the Blue Earth we all live on should be celebrating because yet another outstanding scientist is leading the Marine Conservation Institute." Dr. Earle, who serves on Marine Conservation Institute's Board of Directors, added, "Lance has lived in an undersea habitat, he's dived in one-man research submarines and he's worked with the world's most effective people in marine conservation. He is the real deal."


Dr. Elliott A. Norse, who founded Marine Conservation Institute and served as its President since 1996, now becomes Chief Scientist and a permanent member of the Board of Directors. "Saving the oceans was a lonely task when I founded the Marine Conservation Institute in 1996," said Dr. Norse. "Now thousands of professionals around the world are devoted to saving marine life and the ecosystems they live in. We need new thinking, more resources and people bold and smart enough to save the oceans we love. Lance is the right person just when the world really needs his leadership."


Please join our congratulations to Lance on his promotion to President and CEO. Support Marine Conservation Institute in its mission of saving wild ocean places, for us and future generations, by making a secure online donation today.