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At the Marine Conservation Institute, our motto is "Saving wild ocean places, for us and future generations." This Mother's Day, we remember that those next generations aren't just our own children - although we work to instill a love of the oceans in our own sons and daughters! - but the next generations of...  


Blue whale ma and calf Mother and juvenile blue whales, like those in the Indian Ocean's Saya de Malha seagrass meadows. Marine Conservation Institute aims to work with neighboring governments to establish a Marine Protected Area.



Deep Sea CoralDeep sea coral polyps, struggling to survive in oceans that are increasingly warm and acidic. Our predictive coral habitat modeling represents state-of-the-art science to identify seascapes in which they can thrive - so we can protect them.   


Baby seal Mother and baby Hawaiian monk seals, the hope of a critically endangered species. Marine Conservation Institute leads the effort to fund their recovery and teach people about their importance.


To help Marine Conservation Institute secure a future for the mothers and children of all the world's ocean species - including ourselves - please make a secure, tax-deductible contribution today.  

Thank you for your love of the oceans, and commitment to their future! 



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Michael Zwirn

Director of Development