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Palymyra Atoll J.E. Maragos
                                  Palmyra Atoll corals (J.E. Maragos, USFWS)



America's Pacific Islands marine national monuments are some of the world's most pristine tropical coral reefs. Home to hundreds of fish and dozens of seabird species, they are also critical stopover points and feeding grounds for marine wildlife including sea turtles and whales.


With the help of online supporters like you, Marine Conservation Institute played a key role in 2009 in persuading President George W. Bush to declare the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument and Rose Atoll Marine National Monument, giving them permanent protection. 


The Departments of Commerce and Interior, responsible for managing the atolls and islands, have had three years to develop  rules to ban commercial fishing and issue guidelines for recreational and indigenous fishing. But they have not yet delivered a final rule. It is hard to believe that the President's clear directive has been ignored for so long.


To realize the conservation vision declared in January 2009, the Marine Conservation Institute sent a legal petition to the Secretaries of Interior and Commerce calling on them to establish interim regulations prohibiting commercial fishing in the Pacific Island marine national monuments.  


It is clearly time for the Secretaries to take emergency action.


Please read our press release to learn more about our legal steps. To help the Marine Conservation Institute secure this promised protection for our Pacific Islands, please make a secure, tax-deductible contribution . Thank you for your commitment! 



William J. Chandler 

Vice President for Government Affairs,  

Marine Conservation Institute