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Scientists’ Letter Supporting Marine Reserves

Dear President Obama,

Marine life and the essential ecological services oceans provide are increasingly threatened by human activities including climate change and ocean acidification. For several decades marine scientists have recognized the value of no-take marine reserves for safeguarding marine life. In 1998, Marine Conservation Institute and 1,605 marine scientists issued the “Troubled Waters: A Call for Action” statement (Appendix 1) calling on the world to protect 20% of every marine biogeographic region to save the sea’s biodiversity. In 2001, the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis issued its “Scientific Consensus Statement on Marine Reserves and Marine Protected Areas”, outlining the striking ecological benefits for marine life within and outside of no-take reserves and the effects of ecological networks (Appendix 2).

An extensive scientific literature now shows compelling evidence that strongly protected marine reserves are powerful ways of conserving biodiversity. In addition, no-take reserves can create jobs and bring in new economic revenue through ecotourism and enhancement of local fisheries through spillover beyond reserve boundaries. Finally, no-take reserves provide resilience against the impacts of climate change and ocean acidification. Whereas the unprotected ocean is like a debit account where everybody withdraws and nobody deposits, marine reserves are like savings accounts that produce interest we can live off.

The United States and several states (most notably California) have designated many marine protected areas. Multiple-use areas designated to protect natural or cultural heritage now cover about 8% of U.S. waters. But no-take reserves cover less than 3% of the approximately 4.4 million square mile U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone. As a nation we need to do better.

Acknowledging this progress and the growing impacts that humans are having on our marine ecosystems and the fisheries they support, we, the undersigned scientists, call on the United States government to dramatically accelerate protections for U.S. waters. Protecting 20% of habitats across all biogeographic regions in no-take reserves will provide the resilience needed to ensure America’s ongoing interest in healthy oceans.


Enric Sala, PhD National Geographic Society

Sylvia Earle, PhD Mission Blue and National Geographic Society

Steve Gaines, PhD Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

Carl Safina, PhD The Safina Center (formerly Blue Ocean Institute)

Callum Roberts, PhD University of York

Boris Worm, PhD Dalhousie University

Daniel Pauly, PhD University of British Columbia

Paul Dayton, PhD University of California San Diego

Benjamin S. Halpern, PhD Bren School University of California Santa Barbara

Lance Morgan, PhD Marine Conservation Institute

Rashid Sumaila, PhD University of British Columbia

Makoto Tsuchiya, PhD University of the Ryukyus, Japan

Oran Young, PhD Bren School University of California Santa Barbara

Michael F. Hirshfield, PhD Oceana

Jeremy Jackson, PhD Smithsonian Institution and Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Jesse Ausubel, PhD The Rockefeller University

Stuart Pimm, PhD Duke University

William Cheung, PhD University of British Columbia

John A. Cigliano, PhD Cedar Crest College

Andrea Sáenz-Arroyo, PhD El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR)

Rodrigo H. Bustamante, PhD Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands

Peter Mumby, PhD University of Queensland

Ellen K. Pikitch, PhD Stony Brook University

Jason Hall-Spencer, PhD Plymouth University, UK

David Obura, PhD CORDIO East Africa

Bob Pressey, PhD James Cook University

Geraldine Knatz, PhD University of Southern California

Michael K. Orbach, PhD Duke University

Claudio Campagna, PhD Wildlife Conservation Society

Linwood H Pendleton, DFES Duke University

Larry Crowder, PhD Hopkins Marine Station Stanford University

Steve Murray, PhD California State University Fullerton

Charles H. Peterson, PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Richard Strathmann, PhD Friday Harbor Marine Lab University of Washington

Helene Marsh, PhD James cook University

Neil Hammerschlag, PhD University of Miami

Kiho Kim, PhD American University

Dick Haedrich, PhD Memorial University, Canada

Lauren Mullineaux, PhD Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Alan Friedlander, PhD University of Hawai'i

Mark Hixon, PhD University of Hawai'i

Elliott Norse, PhD Marine Conservation Institute

Amanda Vincent, PhD University of British Columbia, Canada

James A. Estes, PhD University of California Santa Cruz

Fiorenza Micheli, PhD Stanford University

Les Watling, PhD University of Hawai'i

Patrick N Halpin, PhD Duke University

Peter J. Auster, PhD University of Connecticut and Mystic Aquarium

Elva Escobar, PhD UNAM ICML

Rudolphe Devilliers, PhD Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Tony Koslow, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography and University of California

J.E.N. Veron, PhD DSc Australian Institute of Marine Science

Robert Warner, PhD University of California Santa Barbara

Patrick Christie, PhD University of Washington

Vera Alexander, PhD University of Alaska Fairbanks

John C. Avise, PhD University of California at Irvine

C. Scott Baker, PhD Oregon State University and University of Auckland

John Guinotte, PhD Marine Conservation Institute

Shah Selbe, MS Engrsea and National Geographic Society

Octavio Aburto-Oropeza, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

K. David Hyrenbach, PhD Hawai'i Pacific University

Sara Maxwell, PhD Stanford University

Ratana Chuenpagdee, PhD Memorial University

Elizabeth De Santo, PhD Franklin & Marshal College

P. Dee Boersma, PhD University of Washington

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, PhD Waitt Institute

James T. Carlton, PhD Williams College

Katie Cramer, PhD Smithsonian Institution

John Francis, PhD National Geographic Society

Will McClintock, PhD University of California Santa Barbara

Susan L. Williams, PhD University of California at Davis

Ellen Hines, PhD San Francisco State University

Forest Rohwer, PhD San Diego State University

Benjamin Ruttenberg, PhD California Polytechnic State University

Jennifer Jacquet, PhD New York University

Kenneth Broad, PhD University of Miami and Columbia University

Jessica Carilli, PhD University of San Diego

Edward E. DeMartini, PhD NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

George H. Leonard, PhD Ocean Conservancy

Douglas Causey, PhD University of Alaska Anchorage

Michael S. Rodway, PhD Wildwing Environmental Research

Ignacio Vilchis, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Heidi Regehr, PhD Wildwing Environmental Research

Rob Ronconi, PhD Acadia University

Lida Teneva, PhD Conservation International

Robin W. Baird, PhD Cascadia Research Collective

John Pearse, PhD University of California Santa Cruz

Vivian Mendenhall, PhD Pacific Seabird Group

Lisa T. Ballance, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

John Wares, PhD University of Georgia

Peter JS Jones, PhD University College London

Amanda Freeman, PhD The School for Field Studies

Benjamin Grupe, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Shaye Wolf, PhD Center for Biological Diversity

John D. Booth, PhD Fish Forever, New Zealand

Pablo Garcia Borboroglu, PhD University of Washington

Fabio De Leo, PhD Ocean Networks Canada

Carlos Neira, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Rhian G. Waller, PhD University of Maine

Christine Shulse, PhD University of Hawai'i

Diva Amon, PhD University of Hawai’i at Manoa

N Tessa Pierce, MS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Erik Cordes, PhD Temple University

Katherine Genevieve Sammler, MS University of Arizona

Danielle Young, PhD Candidate Temple University

Marcelo Visentini Kitahara, PhD São Paulo Federal University

Sandor Mulsow, PhD Universidad Austral of Chile

Evan Edinger, PhD Memorial University, Canada

Karen Eckert, PhD WIDECAST, Inc.

Claire Saladin, Widecast Coordinator Saint Martin

Jeff Ardron, MSc. Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

Laurence McCook, PhD Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Craig R. Smith, PhD University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Geoffrey P Jones, PhD James Cook University

Thomas A. Okey, PhD University of Victoria

Lea-Anne Henry, PhD Heriot-Watt University

Emily Carrington, PhD University of Washington

Tim McClanahan, PhD The Wildlife Conservation Society

Rainer Froese, PhD Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research GEOMAR, Germany

Patricia Majluf, PhD Cayetano Heredia University, Lima, Peru

Paul Havemann LLB (Hons), LLM James Cook University, Australia

Gail Osherenko, JD University of California, Santa Barbara

Sonia J. Rowley, PhD Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum & University of Hawai'i

Eva Ramirez Llodra, PhD Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)

Julie Hambrook Berkman, PhD Foundation for the Good Governance of International Spaces

Laurence Mee, PhD Scottish Association for Marine Science

Jeroen Ingels, PhD Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Julie Hawkins, PhD University of York

Sophie Benbow, MS Fauna & Flora International

Wellington Amaral Jr. Foundation for the Good Governance of International Spaces

Paris Stefanoudis, PhD Student National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

Julia Bentz, MPhil University of the Azores

Andrew Davies, PhD Bangor University

Sybille van den Hove, PhD Median + HERMES, HERMIONE and MIDAS projects

Robert S. Steneck, PhD University of Maine

Steve W. Ross, PhD University of North Carolina at Wilmington Center for Marine Science

Garry Russ, PhD James Cook University, Australia

Paul Dando, PhD Maine Biological Association of the UK

Brendan Turley, Master's Student Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Thomas C. Shirley, PhD Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Vreni Haussermann, PhD Huinay Scientific Field Statio

Alan T. White, PhD The Nature Conservancy

Miriam Fernandez, PhD Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Chevallier Damien, PhD Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

Amy Baco-Taylor, PhD Florida State University

Doug Bartlett, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Samantha Andrews, MS University of York

Benjamin Cuker, PhD Hampton University

Daniel W. Anderson, PhD University of California Davis

Lisa Suatoni, PhD Natural Resources Defense Council

Erica Donnelly-Greenan, MS Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge

R. Cotton Rockwood, MS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Kerri Seger, MS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Adam Schlenger, MS (PhD student) Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Dorinda G. Dallmeyer, MS/JD University of Georgia

Matthew S. Leslie, MS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Andrew Titmus, MS University of Hawai'i

Andrea Erichsen, MS Kauai Community College

Matthew Huelsenbeck, MA XPRIZE Foundation

Trevor Joyce, BS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Marianne Teoh, BS Imperial College London

Robert M. Croskey, Scientist at Weston Solutions Inc

Catherine Langford, MA Fish Forever, New Zealand

David Ainley, PhD Friends of the Ross Sea Ecosystem

Jean M Harris, PhD Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Scientific Services

Summer Martin, MS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Beth Pike, MEM Marine Conservation Institute

Onno Gross, PhD DEEPWAVE

Jessie Beck, BS Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge

Liz Taylor, BA President DOER Marine

Russell Moffitt, BA Marine Conservation Institute

Anna Zivian, PhD Ocean Conservancy

Eric W Vetter, PhD Hawai'i Pacific University

Sarah Hameed, PhD Candidate University of California Davis

Ginger A. Rebstock, PhD University of Washington

Trevor A. Branch, PhD University of Washington

Priya Shukla, BS San Diego State University

Angel C. Alcala, PhD Silliman University, James Cook University

Abigail Moore, MS Sekolah Tinggi Perikanan dan Kelautan

Korneel De Rynck, Masters Environmental Engineer

Sarah Hughes, PhD National Oceanography Centre, UK

Mark Erdmann, PhD Conservation International

Alexander David Tinsley Vierod, MRes Bangor University

Valeria Falabella Wildlife Conservation Society

Peter M.D Thomas, MS Animus Conservation

Margaret Murray Tower, MS National Academy of Science

Joanne K Birtus Kingston to Coorong Coast Care Group

Ximena Escovar-Fadul, MS Marine Conservation Institute

David Bain, PhD NaWhaRe

Temukisa April Atafua, AS American Samoa Marine and Wildlife Conservation Center

John Hocevar, MS Greenpeace

Douglas Krause, MS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Charlene Steele, BS Bournemouth University

Lida Pet, PhD World Wildlife Fund

Erdal Ozhan, PhD Mugla University and Mediterranean Coastal Foundation

Ruth Murray, MS Marine Conservationist

Andrea Michelson, BA Vida Silvestre Argentina

Wen Bo, MPA NGS Air and Water Conservation Fund

Elizabeth Schrack, PhD Student Duke University

Sarah Frias-Torres, PhD Smithsonian Institution

David Williamson, PhD ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

Sandra D. Brooke, PhD Florida State University Coastal and Marine Lab

Christopher Koenig, PhD Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory

Jorge E. Capella, PhD CariCOOS - Caribbean IOOS

Maria Baker, PhD University of Southampton, INDEEP and DOSI

Lynne Hinkey, PhD University of Maryland

Carmen Acevedo, PhD University of Puerto Rico

Jacob Villalobos, BS New Mexico State University

Helen Marie Darlington, BS Hull University

Yashvin Neehaul, PhD The Mauritius Oceanography Institute

Jessie Thomas-Blate, MS American Rivers

Lisa DeBruyckere, MA Creative Resource Strategies, LLC

Katie Sambrook, MS James Cook University

Mildred Fabiola Corona Figueroa, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

Jorge Urban, PhD Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur

Wanda Bodnar, MSc NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Hilary Maybaum, MS McGraw-Hill Education

Cathy Hill, PhD Stockholm County Administrative Board

Lori Schwendeman, MA Mountain Vista High School

Heather Koldewey, PhD Zoological Society of London

Ryan Stanley, PhD Candidate Memorial University of Newfoundland

Renald Belley, PhD Candidate Memorial University of Newfoundland

Caroline M. Hammerschlag-Peyer, PhD University of Miami Rosenstiel School

James P. Barry, PhD Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Heather A. Hardcastle, MEM Trout Unlimited

Kylie Scales, PhD Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Katelin Shugart-Schmidt, MS Marine Conservation Institute

Joseph Peters, BS Florida International University

Lace Thornberg, MA Braided River

Emma Lewis, MA Independent Blogger

Emma Schofield, BA Bournemouth University

Jenna Stolfi, BA The Beach Review

Helen Cherullo, BA Braided River

Sanjyot Sangodkar, MEM World Wide Fund for Nature

Gregory S. Farley, MS Chesapeake College

Emanuel João Flores Gonçalves, PhD ISPA - Instituto Universitário, Portugal

Leslie Cornick, PhD Alaska Pacific University

Gregor Cailliet, PhD Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

Daniel R. Brumbaugh, PhD University of California Santa Cruz

Juan Carlos Castilla, DSc P. Universidad Catolica

Erin Stamper, BS University of Hawai'i at Hilo

Frances Gulland, PhD The Marine Mammal Center

Gary E. Davis, MS GEDavis & Associates

Julia K. Baum, PhD University of Victoria

Caitlin Mandel, MEM University of Rhode Island

Michael Moore, PhD Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Katie Pugliares, MS New England Aquarium

Daniel Dunn, MEM Duke University

E. Chris Parsons, PhD George Mason University

Jeffrey Hutchings, PhD Dalhousie University

Colin W. Clark, PhD University of British Columbia

Aldo Chircop, PhD Dalhousie University

John Patrick Croxall, PhD Birdife International Global Seabird Programme

Stephan Lutter, MS World Wildlife Fund

Gerardo Fragoso, PhD Arcadia Fund

Jayna DeVore, PhD University of Sydney

Jan Olavi Ekebom, PhD Metsahallitus Natural Heritage Services, Finland

Michael Haldin, BS Forest and Parks Service, Finland

Nigella Hillgarth, PhD New England Aquarium

Lesanna Lyn Lahner, DVM Seattle Aquarium

Shawn Larson, PhD Seattle Aquarium

Mark Plunkett, MS Seattle Aquarium

SungHyun Nam, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Tim Packeiser, MS World Wildlife Fund

Sheril Kirshenbaum, MS The University of Texas at Austin

Sarah E. Moffitt, PhD University of California at Davis

Philip Dearden, PhD University of Victoria

Claudia E. Mills, PhD Friday Harbor Laboratories University of Washington

Stuart Sandin, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho, PhD Inst. Nacional de Ecologíay Cambio Climático

Jason Scorse, PhD Director, Center for the Blue Economy

Joe Roman, PhD University of Vermont and Duke University

Rebecca Fay Johnson, PhD California Academy of Sciences

Telmo Morato, PhD University of the Azores

James A Wilson, PhD School of Marine Sciences University of Maine

John A. Musick, PhD Virginia Institute of Marine Science College of William & Mary

Judith Lang, PhD AGRRA Project

C. Elaine Giessel, BA Sierra Club

Clive Robert Wilkinson, PhD Reef & Rainforest Research Centre and Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

Noam Levin, PhD The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tessa Mazor, PhD Candidate University of Queensland

Eran Brokovich, PhD Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Sara McDonald, MEM Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment

Héctor Pérez, MS Centro de Estudios Culturales y Ecológicos, Prescott College A. C.

Erik V. Thuesen, PhD Evergreen State College

Dianna K Padilla, PhD Stony Brook University

Billie J. Swalla, PhD University of Washington

Bouveroux Thibaut, PhD Oceamm

D. Ann Pabst, PhD University of North Carolina Wilmington

Kathryn L. Van Alstyne, PhD Western Washington University

Thomas F. Mumford, Jr., PhD Friday Harbor Marine Lab University of Washington

Catherine Drew Harvell, PhD Cornell University

Dana Campbell, PhD Encyclopedia of Life

Dan Laffoley, PhD Mission Blue and Royal Geographical Society

Wallace J Nichols, PhD California Academy of Sciences

Stephen Wing, PhD University of Otago

Karen Bushaw-Newton, PhD Northern Virginia Community College

Crow White, PhD California Polytechnic State University

Kimberly Ann Selkoe, PhD University of California Santa Barbara

Tessa Hill, PhD University of California Davis

Barbara Block, PhD Stanford Woods Institute

Martha Groom, PhD University of Washington Bothell

Krystal Rypien, PhD Palomar College

Virginia Stallings, PhD American University

Robert T. Paine, PhD University of Washington

Marta Ribes, PhD Consejo Superior Investigaciones Cientificas, Spain

Bruce H. Robison, PhD

Phaedra Doukakis-Leslie, PhD University of California San Diego

Laura Bagge, PhD candidate Duke University

Samantha C. Smoot, MS Auburn University

Geoffrey Shester, PhD Oceana

Kenneth P Sebens, PhD University of Washington

Guilherme F. Dutra, MS Conservation International

Ruth Thurstan, PhD The University of Queensland

Cené S. Bryant, BS Naked Whale Research

J. Emmett Duffy, PhD Smithsonian Institution

George Lewis Shillinger, MPA/PhD The Leatherback Trust

Kathryn J Mengerink, JD/PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Andrew A. Rosenberg, PhD Union of Concerned Scientists

Salit Kark, PhD ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED), The University of Queensland

S.E.T. van der Meij, PhD Candidate Naturalis Biodiversity Center

David Shiffman, PhD Candidate University of Miami

Alexandria Kingston, BS Florida Institute of Technology

Sharon Homer-Drummond, PhD Florida Atlantic University

Hannah Armstrong, BA RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program University of Miami

Sarah Heidmann, BS Oregon State University

Molly Adams, PhD Candidate University of Miami

Jill A. Olin, PhD Louisiana State University

Lukas Mueller, BS The Watermen Project

Tina Rey Santos, Masters Candidate Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences Silliman University

Charise Johnson, MS American University

Stephanie Martin, MMA National Geographic Society

Britt Odle, BA National Park Service

Erin LaBrecque, PhD Candidate Duke University

Mason Weinrich, MS

Easton R. White, BA University of California- Davis

Liz Rauer, MS Stanford University

Arlo Hemphill, MS Maryland Coastal Bays Program

Lauren Dolan, BS Long Island University - Southampton

Frank Gibson, BA RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program University of Miami

David Wilmot, PhD Ocean Champions

C. Sarah Cohen, PhD San Francisco State University

Shana Gallagher, BA Tufts University & San Francisco State University

John Melvin Tanzer, MS James Cook University & University of Queensland

Justin Blake, MS

J.A. Cado van der Lelij, MS

Angela Amlin, MEM State of Hawai'i Division of Forestry and Wildlife

Lindsay Jennings, MPS Marine Conservation Institute

Lindsey Kraatz, PhD

Kimberly Ferran Holt, MS Florida Atlantic University

Nicholas Kevin Dulvy, PhD Simon Fraser University

Robert Costanza, PhD Australian National University

Valeria Hidalgo-Ruz, MS Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile

Jessica Meeuwig, PhD University of Western Australia

Stacy K. Baez, PhD Oceana

Robert Perry, BA World Business Academy

Brenda Rone, MS NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center and Cascadia Research Collective

Fiona Graham, MS University of Miami - RSMAS

Kathryn McQueen, BA Miami University

Nicole Shumway, PhD Candidate The University of Queensland

Susan Alexander, Graduate Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing

Guido Leurs, BS Oceaware

Micha Gijsbers, BS Oceaware

Fiona Llewellyn, MS Zoological Society of London

Phil Bouchet, MRes University of Western Australia

Karen Donaldson, MA European Marine Board

Ryan Kempster, PhD University of Western Australia

Jorge A. Huete-Perez, PhD University of Central America

Kathi Littmann, EdD Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Martina Genovese, BS MS Student

Brent Colledge, BS Environmental Management

Dietlinde Wolf, PhD University of Miami

Patricia J. Elkus, BA Scripps Institution of Oceanography/Mission Blue

Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, PhD Tethys Research Institute, Italy

Kirk Sato, MS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Emily Callahan, MS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Walter Munk, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Natalya Gallo, PhD Student Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Frazer McGilvray, BS Division of Aquatic Resources state of Hawaii

Dawn J. Wright, PhD Environmental Systems Research Institute

Lisa Uttal, MS NOAA Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Samantha Oester, PhD Student Society for Conservation Biology/International Union for Conservation of Nature

Terry Tohidu Hawk, BS University of Oklahoma

Todd Steiner, MS Turtle Island Restoration Network

Henry P. Huntington, PhD Huntington Consulting

Juan Pablo Rodríguez, Licenciado en Ciencias del Mar Universidad de Magallanes, Chile

Pamela Llewellyn, BA Environmental Scientist

Lawrence J. Weider, PhD University of Oklahoma

James H. Swift, PhD UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

G. Carl Schoch, PhD Coastal and Ocean Resources Inc.

Carlos A. Espinosa, MA

Alan Springer, PhD University of Alaska Fairbanks

Mark W. Williams, PhD University of Colorado

Donald M Waller, PhD University of Wisconsin

Margaret K Thayer, PhD Field Museum of Natural History

Barry F Sherr, PhD Oregon State University

Alan L Shanks, PhD University of Oregon

George H. Waring IV, PhD Southern Illinois University

Dennis Lavrov, PhD Iowa State University

Clive G Jones, PhD Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Herbert Curl, PhD Seattle Audubon Society

Kyle E. Harms, PhD Louisiana State University

Thomas Rooney, PhD Wright State University

Carol Anne Blanchette, PhD University of California, Santa Barbara

Jenella Loye, PhD University of California Davis

Dennis Murray, PhD Trent University

Josef D Ackerman, PhD University of Guelph

Dorothy Boorse, PhD Gordon College

Luise Hermanutz, PhD Memorial University

Charles A. S. Hall, PhD State Uinversity of New York

Brian Battaile, PhD United States Geological Survey

Matthew Dzieciuch, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Larry L. Wolf, PhD Syarcuse University

Michael A. Bell, PhD Stony Brook University

William R Fraser, PhD Polar Oceans Research Group

Richard Ambrose, PhD University of California Los Angeles

Paul Broady, PhD University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Gary K. Meffe, PhD University of Florida

Colin Groves, PhD Australian National University

Stephen Spotte, PhD Mote Marine Laboratory

Gene R. Trapp, PhD Califonia State University Sacramento

Liba Pejchar, PhD Colorado State University

Todd W. Anderson, PhD San Diego State University

Nikolai Formozov, PhD Moscow University, Russia

Catherine E. de Rivera, PhD Portland State University

Aaike De Wever, PhD Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Andrew Foggo, PhD University of Plymouth, UK

W Scott Armbruster, PhD University of Alaska Fairbanks

Cornelis J. P. Grimmelikhuijzen, PhD University of Copenhagen

Raimo Virkkala, PhD Finnish Environment Institute

Michael C. Swift, PhD St. Olaf College

Roman Zurek, PhD Institute of Nature Conservation Polish Academy of Sciences

Martin Gibling, PhD Dalhousie University

Lucyna Halupka, PhD Wroclaw University

Douglas Alan Holdway, PhD University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

Heather M Leslie, PhD Brown University

Dale M Madison, PhD Binghamton University

Eduardo E. Inigo-Elias, PhD Cornell University

Stephan J. Schoech, PhD University of Memphis

Peter Abrams, PhD University of Toronto

Christopher M. Rogers, PhD Wichita State University

Christopher Barnes, PhD University of Victoria, Canada

Leslie M. Adams, PhD University of Maryland

Jay Pitocchelli, PhD Saint Anselm College

David O. Conover, PhD Stony Brook University

Ivonne Ortiz, PhD University of Washington

Stuart L. Warter, PhD California State University Long Beach

James Byers, PhD University of Georgia

Elise Granek, PhD Portland State University

Howard Feder, PhD University of Alaska

Ralph Cartar, PhD University of Calgary

David C. Coleman, PhD Ecological Society of America

James Hanken, PhD Harvard University

Gail Fraser, PhD York University

Stephen MacLean, PhD University of Alaska Fairbanks

Carlos Frank Amory Pinkham, PhD Norwich University

Gary A. Laursen, PhD High Latitude Mycological Research Institute

Megan N. Dethier, PhD Friday Harbor Labs University of Washington

Mai Yasue, PhD Quest University Canada

Christopher Cameron, PhD University of Montreal

Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, PhD Oregon State University

Graham Forrester, PhD University of Rhode Island

Doug Fischer, PhD ARCADIS-US

Christopher Still, PhD University of California Santa Barbara

Andrew Greuling, BS

David K. Mellinger, PhD Oregon State University

Amber Stronk, BA

Dominique Barnes, MA Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Vienna Saccomanno, BS Marine Conservation Institute

Jennifer Caselle, PhD University of California Santa Barbara

Drew M. Talley, PhD University of San Diego

Cynthia Barbosa da Silveira, MS San Diego State University

Emily Kelly, MS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Jason Hastings Murray, PhD IM Systems Group

Mark Tetrick, MAS University of Washington

Mary Yang, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Talina Konotchick, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Arthur J. Miller, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Matthew Forrest, PhD Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Grantly Galland, PhD Galland Consulting

Jennifer Smith, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Laurence Romeo, MA Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Melissa Roth, PhD University of California Berkeley

Yan Wei Lim, BS San Diego State University

Merry Youle, PhD Rainbow Rock

Patricia McKenna, MSW

Jerry R. Schubel, PhD Aquarium of the Pacific

Jacqueline Padilla Gamino, PhD California State University

Jeffrey O'Hara, PhD Union of Concerned Scientists

Allison Randolph, BS Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Shelley Dahlgren, PhD

Garry Dale, BS Oregon State University

Kevin Warren, BA

Luz Helena Rodríguez-Vargas, MS Universiti Sains Malaysia

Phoi Tran, PhD Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

Cynthia Jennings, MA

John Conley, MBA

Tracy Ouellette, MD

Lawrence Niles, Phd Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ

Karen L. Noorbut-McElhany, MA

Jeb Byers, PhD University of Georgia

Nikita Steele, MS Rhodes University

Patrick McCauley, BS Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Julia Horrocks, PhD University of the West Indies

Bonnie Gretz, BA

Sarah Heidmann, BS Oregon State University

Lauren Lochrie, BS University of Glasgow

Cherie Prothro, BS Waitt Foundation

Hannah Prentice, MA BES

Alberto Begue, PhD Independent Consultant

Kira Hughes, MS Environmental Consultant

Richard Perrotta, BA University of California Santa Cruz

Richard Roy, PhD Student University of Washington

Amanda Feuerstein, BS World Bank

Monica Picon, DVM UBA

Matthew Iacchei, PhD University of Hawaii

Michael Gravitz, MPP Marine Conservation Institute

Scott Consaul Atkinson, MS University of Queensland

Corey Bradshaw, PhD The University of Adelaide

Tim Stephens, PhD University of Sydney, Australia

Jeffrey M Leis, PhD University of Tasmania

John M Pandolfi, PhD University of Queensland, Australia

Ian R Tibbetts, PhD University of Queensland, Australia

William Goulding, BS University of Queensland, Australia

Stephanie Roach, MS Waitt Institute

Michael Dessner, BA Waitt Institute

Mark Sullivan, BS National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Frances Kinney, MS Ocean Connectors

Jennifer Ovenden, PhD Unversity of Queensland

Pamela Elaine Michael, PhD candidate University of Tasmania

Robert B. Dunbar, PhD Woods Institute for the Environment

Richard Pyle, PhD Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Hawaii

Sheila McKenna, PhD National Park Service

Jana Michaelis, Dipl.-Biol, University of Bremen

Sarah B Stewart, PhD Psychology

Deborah Beck, MA UFT

Satyendra Datt Tripathi, PhD Fisheries Scientist

Etta Karth, BA NOAA/Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument

Aj Ylizaliturri, BS Fisheries

Matt Wale, MS Edinburgh Napier University

Anna McGregor, PhD University of Glasgow

James Thorburn, MSc University of Abordeen

Carolyn Lundqust, MSc University of Auckland

Coral Pasi, BS Alaska Pacific University

Ross McGregor, PhD

Fadilah Aci, MS University of Soton

Luis Bourillon, PhD Comunidad y Biodiversidad

Louise Milne, MS

Joanne Preston, PhD University of Portsmouth

Tony Pitcher, PhD University of British Columbia

Natalie Welden, PhD University of Glasgow

Samantha King, BS University of Glasgow

Katie Westfall, MESM Bren School University of California Santa Barbara

Nora Eddy,MESM Bren School University of California Santa Barbara

Natacha Aguilar, BS University of La Langua

Susan Gallon, PhD University of Glasgow

Charlotte Hopkins, MS University of Glasgow

Charlotte Boyd, PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Dominic McCafferty, PhD University of Glasgow

Kendra Karr, PhD Environmental Defense Fund/ University of California Santa Cruz

Willow Battista, MS Environmental Defense Fund

Keith Lawerence, Conservation International

Devon O'Meara, BS Scripps Institution of Oceanography

James Robinson, MRes University of Victoria

Katherine Siegel, BS Oxford University

Rebecca Lewison, PhD San Diego State University

John Turner, PhD Bangor University

Gary Murphy, MS Exeter University

John Ososky, MS Smithsonian Institution

Candida Savage, PhD Otago University

Cat Merrdon, BS University of St. Andrews

Mike Irvine, MEd University of Victoria

Chanda Littles, MS University of Florida

Dominique Weilermann, University of St. Andrews

Kristina Raab, PhD Wageningen University

Karin Bodtker, MRM Living Oceans Society

Tarig Mir, BS Uinversity of Strathclyde

Kylee Pawluk, MS University of Victoria

Martina Quaggiotto, PhD University of Glasgow

Laken-Louise Hives, BS Scottish Association for Marine Science

Luca Appollom, BS Parthenope University

Venkatraj Nayak, PhD Karnataka University

Vilma Kunliala, MRM University of Kent

Jack Wilson-Green, BS University of Stirling

Andrew Binnie, MS Community of Arran Seabed Trust

Geiner Golfin, MS Cocos Island National Park

Fei Wang, PhD Student ZMT Bremen

Sophie Elliott, PhD University of Glasgow

Falk Huettmann, PhD University of Alaska Fairbanks

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