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High Seas Protection Portal

This interactive map is hosted by the team at the Marine Protection Atlas as a resource for groups or individuals interested in the extent and types of protection in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) or the "High Seas."  This project began as part of our work with the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition. We evaluated the levels of benthic (seafloor) protections for vulnerable marine ecosystems in the high seas under the various regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs).

Learn more about the project and access static maps and the final report HERE.

Portal Tools Introduction
Along the top right of the map you will find a toolbar with buttons to display the map legend based on the current layers viewed and to turn on/off layers. You can browse through the different layer groupings of "Fishing", "Mining", "Biogeographic/Physical Features", and "Reference Layers."

Below the search bar on the upper left there are buttons for changing the underlying basemap, an "About" button to tell more about the mapper and project from which it was created, a "Print" button that allows you to export custom maps based on your chosen layers and area of interest in various formats. There is also a "Share" button that allows you to send a link to the mapper to others. 

At the bottom of the map there is a pull up tab that displays the attribute table for each layer shown and within the view of the current map extent.

Please give the viewer time to load if and try again later or contact us if you have trouble getting the map to load. Any questions or additional data can be sent to Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions: