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UNGA Ten Year Review (2016)

This series of maps was created as part of our work with the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition.  We evaluated the levels of benthic (the lowest level of the ocean) protections in the high seas through the various regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs). Two maps were created for each RFMO to show (1) bottom trawl open areas and closures in relation to "fishable depths" and "fishable seamounts" and (2) bottom trawl open areas and closures in relation to the predicted habitat of two types of deep sea corals which are threatened by destructive bottom trawl fisheries.

How much longer will it take? A ten-year review of the implementation of United Nations General Assembly resolutions 61/105, 64/72 and 66/68 on the management of bottom fisheries in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Gianni, M., Fuller, S.D., Currie, D.E.J., Schleit, K., Goldsworthy, L., Pike, B., Weeber, B., Owen, S., Friedman, A. Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, July 2016.

Visit our interactive online mapper at the MPAtlas High Seas Protection Portal.

AnchorThe eight RFMOs:

RFMO Name “Fishable” Depth
CCAMLR Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources 2200m
GFCM General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean 1500m
NAFO Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization 2000m
NEAFC North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission 1500m
NPFC North Pacific Fisheries Commission 1500m
SEAFO South-East Atlantic Fisheries Organization 2000m
SIOFA South Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement 1500m
SPRFMO South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization 1500m

*Data citations at bottom of the page.