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Corporate Sponsor
Good business is good for the planet.

As a nonprofit focused on saving wild ocean places, the support of corporate partners is essential to achieve our mission. Healthy oceans are critical for us and for future generations.

Photo: Frank McKenna

Businesses have a crucial role in saving oceans. When the ocean is healthy, the economy and the world are thriving.  As a Marine Conservation Institute corporate sponsor, you create something meaningful while demonstrating to the world your responsibility in preserving wild ocean places for the future. Join us today in advancing conservation and protecting the majestic beauty and diversity of oceans.

Cause Marketing

Most (66% of) consumers are willing to spend more for products that have a positive social and environmental impact. Build a sustainable product and partner with us to donate proceeds and brand your product for the ocean.


Put your money to work for the ocean. We advocate for new protected areas in the ocean and expanding protections, track the world’s progress in ocean conservation, and work to strengthen protection through establishing a global network of Blue Parks--national parks in the sea--that are strongly protected and effectively managed, giving ocean life a second chance. 

Among all United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SDG 14 for conserving life below water receives the least funding, so your dollars with us go a long way towards protecting life in the sea. As the organization that championed the use of science to advance marine conservation, we’re the right partner if you’re looking to support marine science and conservation.

How it Works

Our corporate partner program is structured around donating a percentage of sales for certain products from your company and/or a minimum $1000  donation for use of our Marine Conservation Institute logo. If you want to make a difference for our oceans and promote a healthier planet, find out now how to become a featured corporate sponsor by contacting Angela Nardo-Morgan at 707-217-8244 or