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Nominate the next Blue Park
Photo: Rick Miskiv/Coral Reef Image Bank

Is your marine protected area a Blue Park?

Nominate marine protected areas (MPAs) for Blue Park Awards. MPAs that demonstrate strong protections for biologically significant areas will earn Blue Park status. Learn more about the Blue Park criteria.

Blue Park Awards celebrate the outstanding conservation work of communities, managers, governments and NGOs safeguarding marine biodiversity with well-designed, strongly protected and effectively managed MPAs. From the smallest community conservation area to the largest reserve, from the tropical seas to the polar oceans, all implemented MPAs can be nominated for a Blue Park Award and join the movement to safeguard life in the sea.

After an MPA is nominated for a Blue Park Award, our team produces an evaluation report that is shared on this website for expert comment prior to the award decision made by the Science Council. Our team works with Blue Parks managers, communities, visitors and investors to further promote and support these important places.

The nomination survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete, if you have already compiled the relevant documents and information. Preview the list of nomination questions before you begin. You may save your nomination form and return to it later by clicking the "save & continue later" link in the toolbar at the top of the page (appears after the first page).

Rose Anemones dot the reef around San Miguel Island, California
Photo: Brook Peterson/Coral Reef Image Bank

We ask you to submit the following documents, if available, with your nomination:

  • Descriptions of ecosystems, biodiversity, endangered and endemic species and oceanography (official descriptions, maps, monitoring reports, scientific papers, etc.)
  • All available geospatial data (MPA boundaries, regulatory zones, ecosystem distributions, etc.) as maps in image files or as GIS
  • Current MPA management plan and monitoring plan
  • Documentation of MPA regulations, enforcement plans, enforcement reports
  • Annual budget (if you have access to this)

Join us in creating a network of Blue Parks around the world to safeguard life in the sea.