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The Blue Park Standard
Photo: Jordan Robins/Coral Reef Image Bank

The Blue Park Award criteria provide blueprints for effective marine conservation.

The Blue Park Standard

The Blue Park Standard relies on up-to-date science regarding the attributes of effective marine protected areas (MPAs). A considerable body of scientific literature has focused on the MPA attributes that result in biodiversity conservation; the Blue Park Award Criteria represent a synthesis of this MPA science. Through workshops, meetings and conferences, marine conservation scientists from around the world collaborated with us to design the Blue Park Award Criteria, which are used to evaluate Blue Park nominees. Many of those scientists also serve on the Blue Park decision-making Science Council.

Blue Parks produce conservation benefits because they are:
  • Designed for biodiversity conservation
  • Governed equitably & durably
  • Fully or highly protected from harmful activities
  • Managed adaptively
  • Effective at eliciting high compliance
  • Resourced to effectively implement strategies

Award Process

Download the full Blue Park Award Criteria.

Join us in creating a network of Blue Parks around the world to safeguard life in the sea.