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Misool Private Marine Reserve
Photo: Octavio Aburto
Parque Nacional Revillagigedo protects range of complex habitats, ranging from coastal reefs to critical open ocean migratory pathways.

"Being part of the Blue Park MPA Network is an honor and also motivates us to continue working to improve effective management for the conservation and defense of the species and ecosystems of Mexico and our planet." - Eréndida Frias Hernández, Director of Revillagigedo National Park


Revillagigedo National Park is comprised of a variety of unique ecosystems, ranging from towering shield volcanoes to shallow coral reefs, deep-sea hydrothermal vents, and seamounts all teeming with life. Strong oceanic currents converging at the boundary of the Mexican Pacific Transition and Southern California Pacific stimulate a highly productive environment, bringing rich nutrients from the benthos. This fuels the rich and abundant biodiversity seen at Revillagigedo National Park: sharks, giant manta rays, turtles, several species of cetaceans, and numerous other fish species, 16 of which are endemic to the Revillagigedo Archipelago. The rocky reef ecosystem hosts half of all recorded marine fauna species in the region and is one of the most diverse in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. The reefs have also been heralded as an ecological refugia, demonstrating enhanced resilience to the increasing effects of climate change.

Conservation of the park’s valuable habitat is the main priority of management, which has focused on bolstering surveillance, monitoring and inspection efforts through close collaboration with multiple authorities. High levels of compliance with MPA regulations reported in the park, paired with substantial funding, allows for continued protection of the area, and accrual of the many biodiversity benefits associated with strongly protected marine protected areas.

Designated as an Important Bird Area in 2000, a Ramsar site in 2003, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016, and Hope Spot in 2018, Revillagigedo National Park protects ecosystems with tremendous value and received a gold level Blue Park Award in 2021.

Parque Nacional Revillagigedo

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Photo: Octavio Aburto
Photo: Octavio Aburto