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Misool Private Marine Reserve
Photo: Shawn Heinrichs
Misool Private Marine Reserve protects one of the richest coral reefs within the highly biodiverse Coral Triangle

Misool Marine Reserve protects complex coral reef systems and deep water areas in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. In 2005, Marit and Andrew Miner and a local community created a partnership to privately fund and manage the marine reserve, laying the ground work for a collaborative agreement with the recognition of the district government.

The Misool Foundation was established in 2011 as an Indonesian charity to safeguard its biodiverse reefs through the empowerment of local communities. The foundation supports the Misool Reserve, alongside a number of projects including the Misool Research Center and the Misool Manta Project.

The Misool Marine Reserve is home to a number of endemic species including the bamboo shark, Nursalim’s flasher wrasse, Jamal’s dottyback, Bird’s head jawfish, and Misool cardinalfish. Misool also protects mangrove forests that act as nursery grounds and refuges for juvenile and adult fish. In 2013, the no-take zones of the Misool Private Marine Reserve – Daram and Misool – were found to have some of the highest concentrations of reef fish biomass in a survey of 5 Raja Ampat marine protected areas.

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