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Photo: Cristina Mittermeier/Sea Legacy
Blue Parks

The Blue Parks initiative unites the ocean’s best protected places and the people who champion them in a strategic network to save life in the sea.


The Blue Parks initiative incentivizes a global ocean refuge system to safeguard biodiversity in at least 30% of the ocean. Blue Park Awards elevate effective marine conservation and provide the blueprints to improve further.

Blue Park Award Logo

We need standards to ensure that marine protected areas truly protect marine biodiversity.

We launched the Blue Parks initiative to celebrate effective marine protected areas and incentivize governments, managers, communities and leaders to achieve effective conservation.

Blue Parks are the marine protected areas in the right places with the right rules and the right management to safeguard wildlife. The standards come from the science of marine protected areas.

Celebrate these conservation successes with us! Together we can protect marine life in every ocean ecosystem.

Assembling a Global Network

The Blue Parks network aims to safeguard marine biodiversity by assembling a strategic network of effective marine protected areas (MPAs) that includes replicate representation of all marine habitats in each biogeographic region and supports marine population persistence.

Blue Parks Benefits

The award, which confers prestige, funding leverage and ecotourism opportunities, aligns governments' interests with biodiversity conservation. Blue Park status also provides a benchmark that both private and governmental funders can use to measure the impacts of their investments.

Blue Park Awards support international progress towards the Convention on Biological Diversity Aichi Target 11, UN Sustainable Development Goal 14, and the longer-term goal of protecting 30% of the ocean by 2030.

Join us in creating a network of marine protected areas around the world.