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Fundación Rompientes promotes integrated models of management for Chilean coastal areas, especially in places with wave breaks that are suitable for sports. They provide services to local communities to help them preserve their heritage through marine conservation and new business models that can coexist with artisanal fishing. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for coastal communities, increase marine biodiversity protection, and boost the recognition of waves as a renewable resource with value for the state.

Fundación Rompientes is currently focused on the coast of the O'Higgins and El Maule Regions in central Chile. In these areas, there is increasing demand for recreational activities and vacation homes. This demand has created problems for local fishing communities, including difficulty accessing fishing grounds and beaches, displacement due to real estate development, and the loss of a rich socio-cultural identity.

This situation has also created environmental problems such as water pollution, biodiversity loss, and the destruction of coastal ecosystems. Fundación Rompientes aims to raise awareness about these impacts, encourage co-management of the coast with local fishing communities, and promote sustainable recreation on the coast.