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Blue Sparks
Blue Sparks are tomorrow's Blue Parks

The Blue Park Award criteria offer blueprints for effective marine conservation. They are helping guide MPA planning and management in our Blue Spark collaborations.

Marine Conservation Institute partners with NGOs, leaders and governments to help them create effective marine protected areas that meet Blue Park Award standards.

Using Blue Park evaluations, these Blue Spark collaborations ensure that marine protected areas live up to their promise, effectively safeguard wildlife and earn Blue Park Awards.

Learn about our Blue Spark collaborations.

Are you working to implement a new marine protected area or upgrade an existing one? Contact us if you’d like to ensure your MPA is set up for success and in line for a Blue Park Award.

Rangiroa Atoll
Photo: Cristina Mittermeier/SeaLegacy

Join us in advocating for marine protected areas around the world.