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2022 UNOC Side Event: Quality Matters
Quality Matters: Enhancing Governance, Effective Management and Resilience of Marine Protected Areas for Multiple Co-benefits
2022 United Nations Ocean Conference Side Event
Photo: Brian Skerry

Friday 1 July 2022  |  11:30-12:45  |  Side Event Room 1  |  Event ID IBZF13

Lisbon Portugal

Dive into effective MPA implementation globally (e.g., Galápagos and Eastern Tropical Pacific), explore innovative planning tools and strategies, and celebrate the 2022 Blue Park Awards.

Opening Remarks

UNEP and TNC will set the stage to discuss the importance of enhancing governance, effective management, and resilience, and the role of knowledge and tech innovation in MPAs. We will highlight the importance of synergies and collaboration to achieve 30x30 commitments including new innovative tools to support MPA managers.

Jennifer Morris, The Nature Conservancy
Ole Vestergaard, United Nations Environment Program

Enhancing governance, management and resilience in Galapagos and the Eastern Tropical Pacific

The Government of Ecuador and key partners will present the progress made so far on the implementation of the newly designated “Hermandad” Marine Reserve in Galapagos, and its complementarity and connection with the MPAs of Galapagos and Cocos Island in Costa Rica, as well as with ongoing efforts to preserve and strengthen ecological connectivity and marine conservation in the Eastern Tropical Pacific region.

Gustavo Manrique, Minister of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition
Ambassador Luis Vayas, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador
Dona Bertarelli, Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy
Eliecer Cruz, Director of the Galapagos Program, Jocotoco Foundation
Dr. Inti Keith, Senior Marine Scientist, Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands

The 2022 Blue Park Awards

Marine Conservation Institute will announce three Blue Park Award recipients -- marine protected areas that meet science-based standards for outstanding conservation effectiveness as determined by an international council of marine conservation experts.

Dr. Lance Morgan, President, Marine Conservation Institute
Dr. Arthur Tuda, Executive Secretary, Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)
Brigitta Gunawan, OceanEcho 30x30 Fellow, EarthEcho International
Blue Park Award Recipients & Science Council Representatives

Q&A Session

Participants will discuss barriers and opportunities to enhance governance, effective management and climate resilience within MPAs based on lessons learned around the world.

Key questions:
How can new and existing tools and technologies enhance the effectiveness of MPAs in the face of escalating threats?
What insights have been gleaned from practical pilot applications?
How can we guide innovation to better meet the needs of marine and coastal stakeholders?

Organized by: The Government of Ecuador, Charles Darwin Foundation, Marine Conservation Institute, The Nature Conservancy (moderator), UNEP (moderator), ReWild, Jocotoco Foundation