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10 Things You Can Do For the Ocean Right Now

There’s a lot you can do in your everyday life to help protect the ocean and all of the life it sustains. How many of the actions below will you take today?

  1. Learn about and support your local or national marine protected areas -- research opportunities to volunteer with them. The best protected areas are the ones with strong local support!
  2. If you travel, visit marine protected areas that are conserving marine wildlife -- the Blue Parks are great ones!
  3. Take only pictures, and leave only footprints.
  4. Tell your legislators that you think protecting ocean wildlife is important.
  5. Tell your legislators that you think acting on climate change is important.
  6. Talk with others about ocean wildlife and ocean protections -- spread the word about what we can do to save ocean ecosystems.
  7. Stop using single-use plastics (e.g., grocery bags, straws, to-go containers, bottled drinks); cut unnecessary products out of your routines and opt for reusable items. Let companies know why you are choosing or avoiding their products.
  8. Reduce your use of fossil fuels -- ride your bike, use electric cars and public transit, attend meetings and conferences virtually to reduce long-distance travel, power your home with renewable energy, and eat less meat.
  9. If you eat seafood, buy only sustainably fished seafood.
  10. Support conservation organizations working to safeguard marine biodiversity. If you’d like to support Marine Conservation Institute's work to save wild ocean places, please make a donation today.
Photo: Vidar Nordli Mathisen
Photo: Vidar Nordli Mathisen