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US MPA Guide Paper
Almost All US MPA ‘Eggs’ in One Basket in the Central Pacific
Other US Regions Have Close to Zero Area Effectively Protected

A sweeping new analysis published in Frontiers in Marine Science, identifies significant gaps in the country’s ocean protections - more, and better, MPAs are needed to meet conservation goals.
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Ocean Protection Revolution
Join the Ocean Protection Revolution

Be a part of the expanding Blue Parks network that connects the world's best protected places and the people that champion them. Donate today to the Blue Parks Impact Fund and directly incentivize effective protection standards oceanwide.
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Oculina Petition
Save the Oculina Coral Reef

The remnants of the only Oculina coral reef in the world, just off the coast of central Florida, have been protected for decades but now could be opened to rock shrimp trawling. Tell NOAA to keep destructive fishing out of this protected area.
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High Seas Treaty Support Letter
Protect the High Seas

Less than 1% of the high seas are fully protected. Nations are coming back together this summer to negotiate a UN high seas treaty. This is an historic opportunity to conserve the high seas for generations to come and create a more equitable ocean for all humankind.
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Less than 3% of the ocean is effectively protected. We need to protect at least 30% of the ocean to safeguard marine biodiversity and build ocean resilience.


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The Marine Protection Atlas tracks and evaluates strong global protection, helping nations and the world reach international conservation commitments.

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Blue Parks

The Blue Parks initiative provides the blueprints for protected area effectiveness, incentivizes conservation excellence, and unites the ocean’s best protected places in a strategic network to save life in the sea.

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