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Six Projects Receive Blue Parks Small Grants
Six Projects Receive Blue Parks Small Grants

Announcing six inaugural recipients of Blue Parks Small Grants, awarded to projects that will improve marine protected areas (MPAs) and enhance their conservation outcomes.

Palau National Marine Sanctuary Named a Blue Spark in Growing Network of Outstanding Marine Protected Areas
Palau National Marine Sanctuary is the latest Blue Spark Collaboration!

Recognizing the leadership and commitment of PICRC to effectively implement the sanctuary and the progress being made towards earning a prestigious Blue Park Award for conservation excellence.

Less than 3% of the ocean is effectively protected. We need to protect at least 30% of the ocean to safeguard marine biodiversity and build ocean resilience.


We collaborate with community leaders, policy-makers and technical experts to identify important ocean areas to establish and strengthen protection for vital ocean ecosystems.

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The Marine Protection Atlas tracks and evaluates strong global protection, helping nations and the world reach international conservation commitments.

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Blue Parks

The Blue Parks initiative provides the blueprints for protected area effectiveness, incentivizes conservation excellence, and unites the ocean’s best protected places in a strategic network to save life in the sea.

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